BIST Gains Momentum, BELEX Pursues 12Oct

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The Istanbul Stock Exchange’s (ISE) BIST 100 index was the best performer among the major SEE blue chip indices for a second consecutive time in the period Sept 28 – Oct 11, 2015. It climbed by 2.82% on a two-week basis and peaked at 79,152 points on Friday, October 9th.

BELEX15, Serbia’s blue chip index (BELEX), also performed well in that period and stopped a downtrend, which had continued for four consecutive two-week periods. The index regained 0.84% in its trading value, after decreasing by 2.21% in the previous two weeks.

The other three indices concluded the period Sept 28 – Oct 11 coloured in red. Romania’s blue chip index (BVB), BET, turned to the negative 1.44%. The Zagreb Stock Exchange’s (ZSE) CROBEX index fell by 0.86%, which was a fourth consecutive decrease. SOFIX index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) also disappointed and lost 0.66% of its trading value.


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