CROBEX And BET Most Tradable 17Aug

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CROBEX, the blue chip index of the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE), was the only index among the SEE indices with the most tradable companies to report an increase in its average value in the period Aug 3 – 16, 2015, on a two-week basis. It increased for a third consecutive time and reached the average 1,807 points, gaining 0.97%, compared to the last period.

The BET index of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) remained almost flat for the period as the growth was only by 0.04%. However, the securities of Romania’s most tradable companies once again increased the value of the index, peaking at 7,639 point on August 10th.

The other three major SEE blue-chip indices ended the two-week period coloured in red. The BIST 100 of the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) lost 1.5% and fell for a third consecutive time, while SOFIX, the blue chip index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE), turned to the negative 1.03%, notwithstanding the positive data for the economic growth, published on the last Friday by the National Statistics Institute.

The BELEX15 of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX) also turned to the negative 0.35%, retreating from the 1.08% increase in the previous two-week period.


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