Electricity Production and Supply in EU-27 in 2011 11Jun

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According to Eurostat data, Bulgaria registered an increase of 7.5% in electricity generation, the second largest among all EU-27 countries. The biggest increase of 12.2% in power output was recorded by Greece, while Cyprus with – 6.7%, and France with – 6.1% posted the sharpest decrease.

Eurostat data shows Bulgaria generated 9.8% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2011, whereas Austria with 60.5% featured the highest share in EU-27 of renewables. The share of renewables in electricity generation was 17.3% on average for all EU member states.

In 2011 electricity generation by solar plants in EU-27 increased by 58.9% year-on-year, however still represented only 0.3% of the total electricity output.

Source: Eurostat

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