Growth Generators for Bulgarian Economy 15Nov

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The 15th edition of the Bulgaria Economic Forum took place in Sofia on Nov 14-15, 2013.

Among the major topics discussed by government officials and business representatives was the economic growth generators.

Several key issues in front of Bulgaria and the countries in Southeast Europe were outlined. In first place, the necessary steps to bring the economy back on the path of growth in the middle and long term, announced at the forum, included:

  • public-private partnerships in sectors like automotive industry, innovations and infrastructure;
  • improvement of long-term financing of the business, administrative services and development of e-government;
  • influencing direct growth factors – investments in competitiveness and human capital development;
  • effective utilisation of natural resources;
  • a range of measures ensuring equal access to education with emphasis on secondary professional education.

In line with the above-mentioned actions, the state budget for the next year includes the following steps to promote economic growth:

  • restriction of the administrative impediments to business by the fiscal authorities;
  • more active public investment programme;
  • financing of smaller investment projects with more uniform territorial distribution
  • delegation of more financial resources to local authorities;

The Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria put the emphasis on innovations. Funds under EU programmes will allow Bulgarian companies to acquire patents and licenses and develop technologies leading to increased competitiveness through creation of high value-added products and services, especially in exporting sectors, accepted on international markets and tourism. Bulgarian exports should be boosted by realisation of commercial or production contacts and partnerships through missions abroad, representation of Bulgarian business at international fairs and business forums.

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