Most of SEE’s Major Blue-Chip Indices Keep Growing 5Dec

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Most of the major blue-chip indices in Southeast Europe enjoyed a rise in their average values in the period Nov 21 – Dec 2 compared to Nov 7-18.

BELEX15, the blue-chip index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX) swung to a two-week average growth of 3.81%, the highest among SEE’s blue-chip indices, from a 1.14% decline in the previous report. BELEX ended the Nov 21 – Dec 2 period at 706.4 points, its highest value since May 29, 2015.


Bulgarian Stock Exchange’s SOFIX is growing steadily since April 2016 and its average value in Nov 21 – Dec 2 was by 2.81% higher than in the preceding two weeks. SOFIX’s good performance is also reflected by the positive year-on-year change in its value – it jumped by 26.8% in Nov 21 – Dec 2 in comparison to the same period a year earlier.


The two-week average growth of Zagreb Stock Exchange’s (ZSE) CROBEX quickened to 1.56% from 0.04% in the previous report, thus confirming its stable uptrend since the beginning of the year. In term of year-on-year growth the result is also impressive – 18.1%.


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)’s BET blue-chip index performed similarly to the previous report and achieved a small two-week average increase, of 0.15%. BET dropped sharply in the beginning of 2016 but then entered an uptrend period, which is expected to continue until the end of the year.


The downtrend of SBITOP, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) blue-chip index, continued and its two week average value in the Nov 21 – Dec 2 period dropped by 3.14% in comparison to Nov 7-18. The drop pushed down SBITOP’s value to its year-ago level, of between 680 and 700 points.


Istanbul Stock Exchange’s (ISE) BIST 100 blue-chip index experienced its third consecutive two-week average decrease, of 1.44%. In annual terms there was also a decline – between Nov 21 and Dec 2 BIST 100’s value averaged 74,405 points, down from 76,484 a year earlier.

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