SEE Blue Chip Indices Down 31Aug

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All major SEE blue chip indices concluded the period August 17 – 30, 2015, coloured in red. The largest loss in the indices’ values was posted on Monday, August 24, following the sell-offs on the capital markets in Asia, the US, and Western Europe.

BET index, the blue chip index of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), plummeted by 5.01% reporting the largest drop among the SEE blue chip indices, followed by the BIST 100 of the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE), which decreased by 4.68% on a two-week basis.

The SOFIX index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) and Serbia’s BELEX15 index (BELEX) continued falling by losing 2.16% and 0.71%, respectively. The CROBEX index of the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) turned to the negative 2.28%.



* Editor’s note: Graphics of the countries’ blue chip indices represent data until August 27, 2015.

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