SEE Blue-Chip Indices Stagnate 15Oct

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The past two weeks on the major SEE bourses were characterized by the lack of great hesitations and clear trends in the behavior of the Blue-Chip Indices. All of them scored insignificant two-week changes, Istanbul Stock Exchange’s BIST 100 index being the only one to post a moderate increase of 0.16%. The BIST 100 is the best performing Blue-Chip Index in the region for second consecutive two-week period.

The BELEX15 index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX) and the SOFIX index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) put an end to their upward trends and went down by 0.28% and 0.10% respectively. The SOFIX index closed on 449.56 last Wednesday, its lowest value since Sept 4, 2013.

The Zagreb Stock Exchange’s (ZSE) CROBEX index posted a two-week average decline of 0.15%, while the value of the BET index of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) decreased by 0.12% compared to the previous two weeks.







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