SEE’s Blue-Chip Indices on the Rise 26Jul

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Following the turbulent events on the financial markets caused by the Brexit, the stock exchanges in Southeast Europe (SEE) normalised and most of their blue-chip indices performed better in the two-week period Jul 11 – Jul 22 compared to Jun 27 – Jul 8.

Zagreb Stock Exchange’s (ZSE) CROBEX enjoyed the highest two-week average increase with 2.68%. The blue-chip index gradually gains momentum in July after the downturn in May and June. The closing value on Friday was the highest since Aug 28, 2015 when CROBEX closed at 1,751 points.


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)’s BET posted a two-week average growth of 2.23% to 6,638. This made it the second best performing blue-chip index in SEE for the period. The index is in constant uptrend since Jun 24, 2016, giving signs of recovery after the volatile first half of 2016.


BELEX15, the blue chip index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX), turned sharply upwards after the 2.46% average drop in the previous two-week period. BELEX15’s average value of 610.58 points in Jul 11 – Jul 22, was by 0.95% higher than the 604.84 points for Jun 27 – Jul 8.


Istanbul Stock Exchange’s (ISE) BIST 100 blue-chip index was the last to mark a two-week average increase between Jul 11 and Jul 22, of 0.92%. The period was extremely dynamic for the index, which first rose to 82,825 points on Jul 15 and then lost more than 13% of its value within a week. The closing value on Thursday, Jul 21, 2016 was 71,595 points – the lowest since Feb 16, 2016, when it stood at 70,949 points.

5_BIST 100

SBITOP, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) blue-chip index registered a two-week average drop of 0.12% in Jul 11 – Jul 22, following a similarly humble rise of 0.72% in the previous two weeks. SBITOP closed on Friday at 703.30 points, which was its peak during the period in consideration.


Bulgarian Stock Exchange’s SOFIX was the second blue-chip index in the region to lose value, with a minor average decrease of 0.09%. On Thursday, Jul 21, 2016, SOFIX registered its one-month peak – 457.62 points, the highest value since the 461.60 points on Jun 23, 2016.


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