SEE’s Major Blue-chip Indices Continue to Grow 13Sep

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The uptrend of the major blue-chip indices in Southeast Europe continues with almost all of them registering an average two-week growth in the period Aug 29 – Sep 9 compared to Aug 15 – 26. The exception was Istanbul Stock Exchange’s (ISE) BIST 100 blue-chip index, which posted a 0.72% decline. BIST 100 is experiencing a tough period after the attempted coup in mid-July.

5_BIST 100

Contrary to BIST 100’s development, all other major blue-chip indices are enjoying an uptrend. Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB)’s BET blue-chip index led the ranking in terms of two-week average rise with 1.75%. BET closed at 7,027 points on Friday, more than 1,000 points above its one-year minimum and 318 points less than the one-year maximum.


Zagreb Stock Exchange’s (ZSE) CROBEX continues to grow firmly and this time its two-week average increase was 1.63%. CROBEX’s average value between Aug 29 and Sep 9 was 1,825 points versus 1,737 points a year ago.


BELEX15, the blue chip index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX) shows some fluctuations in the past months but is in an overall uptrend affirmed by a two-week average growth of 1.38%.


SBITOP, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) blue-chip index, kept rising quickly and reported a two-week average increase of 1.21%. Despite some fluctuations, SBITOP is in a sharp uptrend, which began in mid-June 2016.


Bulgarian Stock Exchange’s SOFIX is enjoying a better development compared to the same period a year earlier but its two-week average growth was just 0.12%.


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