SOFIX Rockets Again 24Feb

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SEE Blue-chips

The SOFIX index of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) registered for the fourth consecutive time the highest two-week average rise of 4.55% among the major SEE blue-chip indices in the period Feb 10 – 24, 2014. SOFIX closed at 585.92 points on Friday, compared to 387.17 points a year earlier. SOFIX is expected to continue growing throughout the year, according to market experts.

Istanbul Stock Exchange’s (ISE) BIST 100 index managed to turn to a two-week average increase of 2.02% after a long downturn period.

Following several good performances the BET index of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) and the BELEX15 index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BELEX) ended up with a two-week average decline of 0.29% and 0.25%, respectively.

Zagreb Stock Exchange’s (ZSE) CROBEX index marked a slight two-week average decrease of 0.04%.

SEE Blue-chips









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