Warren Buffett keeps the leadership in charity – updated 10Jan

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CAF WGI 2012

The Oracle of Omaha has committed more than USD 3.0 bln for the major US Foundations

In 2012 the 15 largest US billionaires charities attracted more funds for their causes than in 2011. Wealthy Americans gave USD 5.1 bln in the 15 biggest charitable donations of 2012, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. But, without the 3 billion pledged by Warren Buffett, the rest would be far less than last year’s USD 2.6 bln.

The top givers in 2012 were:

Warren Buffett – USD 3.09 bln dollars in stock to be divided equally among three foundations run by his children;
Mark Zuckerberg – USD 498.8 mln to Silicon Valley Community Foundation to support education and health;
Paul Allen – USD 300 mln pledge to the Allen Institute for Brain Science;
Mortimer Zuckerman – USD 200 mln pledge to the Columbia University’s Mind Brain Behavior Initiative;
Fred Fields – USD 150 mln bequest to Oregon Community Foundation to support art and education;
Carl Icahn – USD 150 mln pledge to Mount Sinai School of Medicine for medical research.

According to the annual report of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) for 2012 (https://www.cafonline.org/PDF/WorldGivingIndex2012WEB.pdf) Australia is a leader of the chart with a World Giving Index (WGI) score of 60% and the USA is ranked fifth with 57% compare to the previous year, when the USA was measured as the most charitable country globally.

The sum of USD 5.1 bln donated to charity by the top 15 philanthropists is equivalent to 10% of Bulgaria’s GDP in 2011, which amounted to USD 53.51 bln (according to the World Bank).

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